About Us

“Sairam Publications”, is one of the fastest growing organizations engaged in offering reliable Services for Printing,Designing and Event Management. Owing to our client-centric approach, we ensure that all the services are rendered in well-planned and organized manner ensuring the successful execution of the same.

Our Clients

Sairam Publications is a company led by experienced team of professionals, providing clients complete Services for Printing,Designing and Event Management, Support and Coordination services. Our dedicated services ensure that the planned event is accomplished flawlessly and meet its desired outcome.

Our range services are backed by team of industry experts in the field of creative design, pyrotechnics, special effects system, lighting & AV systems. We also have with us latest range of audiovisual equipment that helps in making event management not just successful but also memorable for years to come.

Event Management-

  • A successful and memorable event can have a tremendous impact on your business or organization.
  • A unique experience can establish or reinforce a positive image of your company amongst clients and associates, and powerful relationships can be formed or strengthened.
  • At Sairam Matrix, we recognize the enormous importance of a well-planned, top-quality and entertaining event.
  • That's why Sairam Matrix have always strived in providing prestigious yet cost-effective events, launches and road shows for various organizations.
  • From Sound & Lighting Equipments to Celebrity Performers to Conceptualizations, Sairam Matrix has the experience, expertise and Personnel to make your event, fun, meaningful-and unforgettable.


  • Event Management is a complicated production with constantly shifting variables. But Sairam Matrix is agile and dependable.
  • We are flexible to fit your changing needs, but unbending when it comes to getting the job done right. We attend to every detail in the most cost-effective way.